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Assam Elahi

I am a journalist, editor, producer, filmmaker, podcaster and social media advocate. I currently work in Canada, but soon will work globally.



Islam: Let’s talk about it

A religion like Islam is not always the easiest thing to understand and it may come with many misconceptions. Malik Datardina came to Mohawk College on Wednesday afternoon (Feb. 8) to give a presentation and hold a Q&A session on Islam, explaining it in simple terms and dispelling any misconceptions.

Burlington stands with Muslim community

Burlington residents came together by the hundreds on Monday night (Jan. 30) to hold a vigil to show their support for the Muslim community after the tragic shooting at Quebec’s Grand Mosque the previous night. The vigil was held outside of City Hall where Burlington residents brought flowers and lit candles to mourn the victims of the terror attack.
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Norovirus: Could it happen here

Mohawk College students are asking whether an outbreak similar to the one that recently hit Humber College could happen here. The norovirus outbreak at Humber sickened over 200 students with flu-like symptoms.
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Super-flying wrestler passes away at 73No title

Wrestling legend Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka passed away on Sunday due to stomach cancer at 73 years old.
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Historic Burlington High School May Get The Boot

The Halton District School Board (HDSB) has voted to consider closing Burlington Central High School (BCHS) in 2018. A downtown school that dates back to 1922, BCHS has a lot of history as the first high school in Burlington. But the board says declining student numbers may force the school to close.
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Guinness record attempt falls short leaving attendees in the rain

Residents of Burlington teamed up by the thousands in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest human letter of the alphabet, but their efforts fell short at the end of the rainy, but a highly-anticipated event.
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Tupac continues to influence Black Lives Matter after 20 years

It has been 20 years since Tupac Shakur, one of the greatest rappers and influential spokespeople for the black community, died in a Las Vegas hospital after being shot. But his movement and legacy live on. While his murder remains unsolved, fans around the globe are still dedicated to what he did for black people through his music, his legacy, and his work as a social activist.
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Ticket prices sound sour note in Burlington

The Sound Of Music Festival (SOMF) is a fun time for all. What was different about this year’s SOMF in Burlington was a new charge for tickets to see the headliners.
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Did you go for a ride on Victoria Day? Thank your driver

Most people get the day off on a holiday, but others still have to work – including people who drive a taxi, limo or an Uber for a living. Whether it’s their boss making them come to work or if a personal reason, they have to work when the rest of us don’t.
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Assam Elahi

A Canadian journalist who is highly motivated and ambitious individual who has accomplished in many aspects of the workforce. Focused on working in the multiple fields, currently Journalism. Has accomplished in advanced areas of journalism such as research, interviewing and reporting with advanced knowledge of newsroom computer systems. Has a strong command of the English language and is familiar with different areas of communications. I am committed to maintaining excellence as well as integrity whilst also offering leadership skills. Always eager to do new things and determined to accomplish set goals every day.



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